<aside> 🔔 The integration is available for Zoho CRM. Other Zoho products (Bigin etc.) are not available yet.


Zoho Integration includes:

  1. Uploading the employees from Zoho;
  2. Manual processing of the lead or automated creation of:
  1. Click-to-call from CRM;

  2. Pop-up widget on an inbound and outbound call;

  3. Transfer of the call recording to Zoho;

  4. Forwarding to the personal manager;

<aside> 💡 If your pricing plan is Starter, you can enable the integrations package in your account settings (Administrator > Account > Rates and options). For other pricing plans, the integration is included in the subscription.


<aside> 📢 To log in to CallGear use this link.


<aside> 📢 **To sign up to Call Gear use this link.**


Setup and installation

The initial call processing settings

How to make and receive calls

How to enable the click-to-call option

Call recording transfer

Forwarding to the personal manager

Updating the responsible manager